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I have been interviewed!

Thursday 1st October 2009

Crazy Daisies Designs has just posted her interview with me, which I encourage you to check out 🙂  She makes gorgeous fabric bags and bracelets, so please check her shop out as well.  I’m so honoured to have been interviewed–it was lots of fun answering the questions 😀


Market your online shop while you have a cuppa

Sunday 27th September 2009
Teacup courtesy of lummmy on Flickr.

Teacup courtesy of lummmy on Flickr.

I was putting an email together for a friend, and thought that these links and suggestions might be helpful to other people too: they are quick ways to promote your shop.  Most should take less than five minutes, so you can do one or two while you have a cup of tea; they are all things I’ve done to try and promote my Etsy shop, but most of them aren’t Etsy specific.  Like a lot of sellers, my online shop is done in my spare time and isn’t my main job, so quick and easy ways to market are always good 🙂

Project Wonderful
This is an ad site with a difference.  Instead of paying a set fee for an ad on one of their publishers, you ‘bid’ for a space and if you have the highest bid, you get the spot until someone outbids you.  Some spots are available for free!   Choosing sites that appeal to your audience can get you some clicks for reasonable prices.

Google Base
The above blog post gives instructions on how to add your shop listings to Google Base.  It’s free and takes about 5 mins, and you can arrange it to automatically update after that.  It means that your listings will show up in the Google Shopping search; for example, my earrings currently show up in the shopping listings if you search for “chainmaille earrings” 🙂

Google Analytics
Again, it’s free, and it shows you your site visitors, where they found you, where they are and what they looked at.  It’s quick to set up, and you can just look at it now and then to see how many visitors you get, and what they searched for to find you.


I’m registered and listed on the following free sites.  Again, not much time to set up, and it increases your web presence. (I’m here)
The Handmade Directory Project
Yaami (I’m here)
SoopSee (I’m here)
Shop Indie Online
Craft Gawker
deviantART (I’m here)

Marketing articles
This site has some great tips on marketing handmade goods.

Etsy Forums

There is an entire board in the forums, just for threads that are for people to promote their items, often along specific themes.  When I promote on of my items I usually look at the last 5 posters above me and comment on their items—it just seems good manners, and it isn’t really a hardship to browse on Etsy!  The other boards in the forums are also really good: you may be able to help out another Etsian, or get some tips or a critique for part of your shop or business.  One of the charms of Etsy is the community-feel to it, so get involved.  You don’t have to spend hours in the forums—reply to one or two posts in your five minutes and check back later to see the responses.

This is by no means a complete list, or even close, but hopefully it will suggest one or two sites you’ve not tried yet.  If you have any tips, please comment and let me know! 🙂

Treasury: Lampwork Lust

Sunday 14th June 2009

I have a Treasury in Treasury West.  It’s up until Tuesday morning, and features some fabulous and gorgeous lampwork beads.  Click the pic to visit 🙂


Adding Etsy Mini to your Facebook Fan Page

Sunday 14th June 2009

This set of instructions is based on the extremely helpful instructions provided by EnchantedGypsy on the Etsy forums here. I couldn’t have added my Etsy Mini without those instructions! I have written my own set here, with pictures. EnchantedGypsy makes gorgeous fibre art, so please take a look at EnchantedGypsy’s Facebook FanPage.


Go to the My Stuff application page, here: and click on Add to my Page on the left hand side. You will be invited to choose which page you want to add the application to.

The My Stuff Page

The My Stuff Page

Once you’ve done that, go to your Page and choose Edit Page.


Scroll down to the My Stuff application, click on the pencil in the top right corner of the box and choose Edit. You will need the code from your Etsy Mini. I used Gallery View and 3 columns by 4 rows. Copy the Etsy Mini Flash code into the My Stuff box and click on Add to Profile.



Go back to editing your Page and click on the choose Application Settings for My Stuff. I chose to remove the Box and add a Tab.


Now go back to your Page and there should be a My Stuff tab, showing your Etsy Mini.


Back where you chose Edit and Application Settings there is now another option, Link to this Tab, which pops up and provides the direct link to your My Stuff tab, allowing me to point you directly there, if you want to have a look at the finished thing! 🙂


I love copper

Monday 16th March 2009

I’ve just listed two more items. These are both copper and in the chainmaille weave One hour less sleep.  I love the name, and the lacy appearance.



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My first special offer!

Friday 13th March 2009


Until midnight (UK time) on Sunday 15th March, UK buyers can have free delivery on all my necklaces and bracelets, and international shipping is down to just $3 (from $5).

My standard shipping charge is still payable on all earrings, but for each pair bought until midnight Sunday I’ll be donating £1 (about $1.40) to Comic Relief!

So if you’ve been eyeing up my Japanese chainmaille bracelet or my blue spiral necklace then this weekend is the time to buy!

Spotlight: What’s cool and blue and curved all over?

Thursday 12th March 2009

These items!  Click on the pic to go to the showcase for a better look 🙂

cool blue treasury